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Turner Stresses Importance Of Standing With Israel


Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Bob Turner (NY-09) released the following statement stressing the importance of standing by our ally Israel in the face of continued terrorist attacks.

"The unprovoked attack that took place near Be'er Sheva, Israel earlier today is a stark reminder of the ongoing threats Israel faces on a daily basis. These threats cannot continue to go overlooked by President Obama and his administration. The security of our ally Israel is of the utmost importance. President Obama's inability and seeming apathy in dealing with Iran's nuclear program as well as the political turmoil in Egypt has left Israel in a very dangerous situation. President Obama's continued platform of telling the world he is the greatest friend Israel has ever had, coupled with his tepid reaction towards acting on those claims of friendship when push comes to shove, leaves Israel staggeringly vulnerable and tarnishes our reputation and our word globally. We must refuse to negotiate with nations until they make a true commitment to denouncing the terrorist groups that continue to launch attacks against Israel. Then, and only then, can we sit down at a table to discuss a lasting peace."

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