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Turner Criticizes Obama For Concealing Fast & Furious Documents


Location: New York, NY

Congressman Bob Turner (NY-09) criticized President Obama for invoking Executive Privilege, a policy he himself criticized while in the Senate, to conceal documents related to the Fast and Furious debacle.

"When President Obama ran for office in 2008, he vowed to have an open and transparent administration. Today, he showed once again that his words were just empty campaign rhetoric. The President has chosen the misguided step of using executive privilege to seal documents related to the Fast and Furious case. The use of executive privilege is a move he criticized as a Senator. His attempt to shield his political appointees is an affront to the American people and the family of border patrol agent Brian Terry who was killed as a result of the Fast and Furious debacle. This is a despicable act of self preservation which makes one wonder if the administrations involvement in this issue goes all the way to the top. The President should do the right thing and have the documents released so Brian Terry's loved ones can receive the whole story."

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