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Turner: The Games Have Gone On Long Enough


Location: New York, NY

In response to the failure of the nuclear talks in Moscow to achieve any measurable objective, Congressman Bob Turner (NY-09) is calling on President Obama to stop playing Iran's game and set a firm date of compliance for Iran.

"After the past failed attempts to negotiate with Iran over its nuclear program, I am not surprised the talks in Moscow failed to achieve any measurable objective. The President allowed a five week period to elapse between talks when he should have realized this was an obvious stall tactic by the Iranians. The covert actions being taken to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon are being plastered across the U.S. media on a regular basis. The Israeli government and its citizens should be very concerned about the President's claims of "We got your back." The games have gone on long enough. No more wavers on sanctions should be granted and a date should be set for Iran to comply."

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