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Food and Drug Administration Safety and Innovation Act

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC


Mr. BILBRAY. Mr. Speaker, I stand in support of this bill.

I want to thank Chairman Upton and the leadership on both sides of the aisle for getting together and doing what's right for the American people.

In this time that we talk about economic strife, we've got to remember that the FDA can be a friend or an enemy of not only our health but also of our jobs and our economic opportunities. In California alone, Mr. Speaker, we have over 267 people working in the pharmaceutical industry.

We have over 42,000 just working in San Diego County.

This bill will not only help to protect jobs, but this bill is a bipartisan bill to save lives. What better message can we send to the American people than Washington is listening to the fact that they want bipartisan support and bipartisan efforts and bipartisan successes on things that matter?

This bill is something that matters. We're talking about preserving the economic opportunities of our fellow citizens, and we're talking about saving the lives of our family members and our neighbors.


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