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Rep. Susan Davis Opposes 'Oil Only' Energy Bill

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

As the Majority continued its assault on environmental protections, Congresswoman Susan Davis (D-San Diego) opposed an energy bill that would reduce clean air protections, promote a drill anywhere policy, and would require Americans who want to challenge oil drilling to pay $5,000 to the federal government for voicing their opinions.

"We need to provide real transportation and energy options for the American people," said Davis, "not handouts for the oil and gas industries. This bill would mean more pollution and increased risk of oil spills like the one we witnessed in the Gulf of Mexico."

An oil spill off California's coast would be devastating to San Diego's economy. The beaches in San Diego are a major tourism draw. If this bill were to become law we could see crude oil replace suntan oil at our beaches.

If any American would want to challenge drilling or fracking in their communities the bill requires that they pay a $5,000 protest documentation fee. The bill basically charges communities for having a say in what happens in their neighborhood.

Oil production is higher now than it has been in years. The United States has more drilling rigs operating (1,971) than the entire world combined (1,471). Oil imports are at a 17-year high. Despite claims by supporters of the bill that increased oil production will lower the price of gas, prices continue to rise while oil production has increased.

The purported Domestic Energy and Jobs Act passed the House with a vote of 248-163.

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