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Issue Position: Immigration

Issue Position

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While immigration policy is largely a federal issue the State does have a role to play. I believe that all people are entitled to be treated with dignity and to be afforded basic human rights. That having been said, civil benefits such as in-state tuition, welfare benefits and voting rights should not be extended to those who are in this country unlawfully. The United States has both a right and an obligation to enforce an orderly and lawful immigration system. Policies that provide incentives for people to skirt the law are inherently counterproductive and must be reformed.
With this in mind:

I have repeatedly carried on the House floor a measure that would have repealed the current Kansas law that allows undocumented students to receive in-state tuition at Kansas Universities. My 2012 Republican Primary opponent has voted in favor of continuing to granting in-state tuition to some college students who lack a proper legal immigration status.

I also have repeatedly introduced and or supported legislation that would restrict the receipt of public benefit by those not lawfully present in the United States; require more stringent "proof of citizenship requirements" for voting; enhance penalties against employers who knowingly hire unauthorized aliens; encourage State and local law enforcement to support the enforcement of federal immigration law; deny drivers licenses to illegal aliens; and many similar proposals.

To see more information on my work promoting the voter ID bill that passed the Kansas Legislature < ahref="">look here.

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