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Issue Position: Foreign Policy

Issue Position

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A Socialist Presidential position on Foreign Policy will be guided by the words of the brilliant scientist, and fellow democratic socialist, Albert Einstein. Einstein once wrote that, "Peace cannot be kept by force; it can only be achieved by understanding." The goal of the Socialist Party USA's presidential ticket of Stewart Alexander and Alex Mendoza is to dismantle the Military Industrial Complex that has been built up by Democrats and Republicans and has been the cause of so much suffering in the world. Doing so, will allow us to transform the US into a country that encourages the peaceful coexistence of all people through non-violent dialogue and a shared commitment to justice.

We think that it is particularly important to immediately enact the following measures:

Dismantle the War Machine

Cut the amount of Federal funds going to the military by 50%

End all foreign military interventions in the Middle East / Central Asia by removing remaining troops from Iraq and Afghanistan and ending the secret war in Pakistan by ending drone attacks and clandestine (black) operations throughout the region.

Close all US military bases throughout the world and demilitarize US embassies around the world

End the US membership and participation in NATO.

Dismantle the Central Intelligence Agency, end all clandestine (black) operations, and all other covert operations that contravene international law and the domestic laws of nations

Criminally prosecute military and civilian officials responsible for involving the United States in undeclared, unconstitutional, or illegal wars and prosecute those officials who planned for the utilization of torture and the creation of illegal confinement facilities to include Guantanamo Bay.

Prosecute all American military, civilian, and contract personal who ordered, executed, or covered-up offenses under International Humanitarian and Human Rights law. Prosecute commanders who tolerated a criminally permissive command climate that engendered contempt for humanitarian standards.

Abolish all private armies by cancellation of all private contractors providing armed military, police, and security services abroad.

Immediately end all international military, police, and security assistance and training programs, especially funding to Israel, Egypt and Colombia

We believe that these immediate changes will stem the rising tide of the Military Industrial Complex. This will free up vital tax dollars for social services while also making it possible to combat the culture of militarism that has grown strong in the US. Pairing these initial changes with a new culture of international accountability through democracy will allow for the emergence of new voices for peace to emerge from all over the world.

We would therefore support the following long-term anti-militarist initiatives:

Democratize the United Nations

The US will pay off all of its debts to the UN

End US veto power on the UN

End permanent membership to the UN Security Council

Restore Democracy to the US

End all war-power provisions not explicitly delineated in the Constitution.

Support for a Constitutional Amendment requiring a binding vote of the people on all issues of war or military intervention

Provide Federal funding for the cleaning up of environmental damage at military bases (domestic and abroad) and funds to retrofit these areas into productive enterprises

Sponsor an International Movement to Ban Weapons of Mass Destruction

Safely dispose of the US stockpile of nuclear weapons and encourage other nations to follow our example

Join an international ban on the use of weapons with depleted uranium and ratify and enforce the Land Mine Ban and Cluster Munitions conventions.

Restore International Human Rights Credibility to the US

Join the international community in recognizing that social and economic human rights are as binding as political rights by ratifying and enforcing International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (ICESCR).

Strictly enforce the Geneva Convention and ratify and enforce the Rome Treaty establishing the International Criminal Court (ICC) along with the Additional Geneva Protocols protecting civilians in conflict.

Ratify and enforce other international human rights conventions which the US shamefully remains one of the few non-ratifiers to include those ensuring the rights of the disabled, rights of children, and elimination of discrimination against women.

Defeating the stranglehold of the US military on the world goes hand in hand with ending the multinational corporations' domination of the resources of the world. Any attempt to create an international system guided by eco-socialist values depends on an end to militarism. Any hope for a just system to deal with global migration depends on demilitarizing borders. And ending the violent reign of the US military is a key part of any desire for the development of global solidarity between the people of world.

As socialist candidates for President, the Alexander/Mendoza campaign hopes to play a positive role in ushering in a new era of peaceful coexistence throughout the world. The proposals we make on the campaign trail are important. However, we need not wait until a socialist occupies the White House to create a society based on peace instead of war. Targeting the Military Industrial Complex with campaigns that practice non-violent civil disobedience is every bit as essential. We will support such a movement on the campaign and long after the votes have been counted.

Voting Socialist this year means more than just making a protest against the role of the military in our society. It means learning a lesson from Albert Einstein by recognizing that people all over the world share a hope for an end to the violence of American empire. Socialist values of peace, solidarity and justice can get us there.

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