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Governor's Weekly Message Transcript: Last Week of Legislative Session


Location: Unknown

The night the General Assembly wraps up its legislative work for the year, June 30th is always a busy evening in Dover. It is legislators' last chance to finish up any of the financial bills needed to keep our state up and running and it offers a few hours for one final push to get legislative priorities passed into law.

June 30th is even more important every even-numbered year because the legislature starts with a completely clean slate when it reconvenes. It doesn't matter how close a bill comes -- if it's not passed in the same form by both houses by the time that gavel hits late June 30th, it starts from square one the next year.

When the 146th General Assembly kicked off, I joined leaders of the House and Senate to make our priorities clear: we would govern responsibly and work to improve our state's schools and our citizens' quality of life. Most importantly, we'd stay focused first and foremost on our state economy -- working together to help people get to work. I've been proud to sign into law balanced budgets that were financially sound and fiscally responsible -- that helped people get to work building Delaware's future now and helped hire new teachers to give our kids a better shot at success in the future.

We've put in place laws to let our public schools attract top talent and new measures to help law enforcement in their fight to protect the public.

Job creation efforts like the New Job Creation credit helps restore manufacturing jobs; the Financial Services Jobs Incentives helps attract new middle class careers in a critical industry, and the Young Farmers and new irrigation program supports our state's crucial agriculture industry.

We've seen greater government transparency, through campaign finance and lobbying reform and -- believe it or not, we're still not done. While we've only got a few hours left until the 146th General Assembly wraps up its regular business and heads for the history books, we've got months ahead to keep focused, to keep implementing these efforts to create more and better jobs, stronger schools, a higher standard of living for everyone, and to keep making progress on these collective efforts to keep Delaware, moving forward.

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