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Find the Leak, Mr. President

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. BROOKS. Mr. Speaker, today I call on the White House to get off the campaign trail, show leadership, do the President's job, and aggressively pursue the leakers of America's state secrets. These leaks have ranged from implicating the United States in Stuxnet, a computer virus that targeted nuclear centrifuges in Iran, to revealing a detailed ``kill list'' for terrorists targeted for assassination. Not only do these leaks compromise America's efforts to preserve our national security, they teach our allies not to trust us. Look at the doctor who helped the United States gather DNA evidence to locate Osama bin Laden. His reward? His identity was revealed, and he faces 33 years in a Pakistan jail.

Mr. Speaker, where is the outrage from the White House about these leaks? It's time for the President to plug the holes and protect America's national security.

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