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Domestic Energy and Jobs Act

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC


Mr. YOUNG of Alaska. I support this legislation. It's long overdue. Title VI of this legislation is a good step forward in Pet 4 in Alaska, so it is with great amazement that I listened to the two previous speakers.

Wind power, you can take and cover every acre of the United States, including the parks and refuges, and put solar panels on them, but you'll only produce 20 percent of the consumption of energy we use today. Now, think about that--no parks, no refuges--all solar panels, and we're going to take care of the problem. By the way, it has to be transported to a battery, taken and made by rare earths from China.

That's what this is all about. It's nonsense.

The idea that wind is going to solve the problem and that solar is going to solve the problem, that's nonsense because, in reality, fossil fuel, to this day, is the only fuel that can move an object, ladies and gentlemen. It moves your car; it moves your truck; it moves your plane; it moves your train; and it moves your ship that brings all the product to and from the United States.

You're not going to do it with a beanie on your hat. You're not going to do it with solar panels that have to cover every acre of the United States of America. It's because we're collecting the power of the Sun down here at the bottom of the pyramid. We're not collecting from the source. If you want to go far, if you want to be really reaching into the future, collect it up there and beam it down to a point where we can create electricity.

This is a good bill because, ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Tipton said it right. In his bill, we do have action on wind and solar, although it will not work, and we know it won't work. We need fossil fuels now until we have the time to produce another source of energy that does not need electrical batteries to run a car. We're going to plug a car in? Nonsense. It won't happen, because you need to produce energy from some other source to create the electricity. You're against nuclear power. You're against hydropower. By the way, you'd like to take and grow our way into new power by using corn--a food--for energy. That's absolutely nonsense.

Shame on you to say this is not a good bill. This is a good bill. It's not a nonsense bill.


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