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House Passes The Domestic Energy And Jobs Act

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

Today, US Representative Sue Myrick (NC-09) voted in favor of The Domestic Energy and Jobs Act, a bill that will allow the United States to fully utilize its natural energy resources, and that has the potential to create hundreds of thousands of much-needed jobs.

"We can lower gas prices and put Americans back to work if we cut the red tape and take advantage of the resources we have at home," Rep. Myrick said. "That's exactly what we should do".

The Domestic Energy and Jobs Act is package of seven individual bills:

Strategic Energy Production Act (HR 4480)-- Establishes a link between the Strategic Petroleum Reserve and energy production on federal lands, specifically that a release of oil from the SPR be accompanied by a comparable increase in production on federal lands

Gasoline Regulations Act (HR 4471)-- Requires an analysis on EPA rules that impact the price of gasoline and diesel and freezes the implementation of Tier 3 fuel standards until such analysis is complete

Planning for American Energy Act (HR 4381)-- Adopts an all-of-the-above energy program for federal lands by requiring the Secretary of the Interior to review the nation's energy needs and the capabilities for production on federal lands

Providing Leasing Certainty for American Energy Act (HR 4382)-- Increases leasing certainty by requiring that 25 percent of the land open for leasing be made available annually

Streamlining Permitting of American Energy Act (HR 4383)-- Streamlines the energy permitting process and removes bureaucratic red tape that hinders America energy production

National Petroleum Reserve Alaska Access Act (HR 2150)-- Ensures that natural energy resources in the National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska are developed and transported in a timely, efficient manner

BLM Live Internet Auctions Act (HR 2752)-- Gives the Secretary of the Interior the authority to conduct Internet-based auctions for onshore leases to provide the best return to taxpayers and reduce fraud

The Domestic Energy and Jobs Act passed in the House by a vote of 248-163.

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