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Mica: TSA Meltdown du Jour


Location: Washington, DC

Citing the latest Transportation Security Administration (TSA) meltdown in Philadelphia, U.S. House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee Chairman John L. Mica (R-FL) renewed his call to reform the bloated security agency.

"There's a TSA disaster every week, and the security meltdown gets more and more outrageous. Who knows what's coming next," Mica said. "If you thought the meltdowns in New York, Newark, Palm Beach, Honolulu, Charlotte, Los Angeles and Fort Myers were bad enough, now we have Philadelphia."

TSA has announced it plans to fire seven employees related to a bribery scandal that involved at least 10 TSA employees at Philadelphia International Airport.

Mica continued, "TSA reforms signed into law in February can't come soon enough. Transitioning to private security operations under federal standards and supervision will get TSA out of the HR business and back into the security business. This will allow TSA to refocus its attention on security, analyzing intelligence, and setting the highest risk-based security standards.

"Earlier this week, TSA granted the first application under the new reforms to allow an airport to convert to the private-federal screening model. We will bring onboard the other 400-plus U.S. airports that still operate under the Soviet-style all-federal screening model.

"Last week the House accepted my recommendations in the Department of Homeland Security appropriations bill that will help cut $60 million from the bloated DHS and TSA bureaucracies. But TSA reform needs to go much deeper."

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