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Public Statements - Bithlo Bridge Improvements May Happen Sooner than Expected

News Article

Location: Orange County, FL

By Unknown

Safety improvements to a dangerous bridge near Bithlo could happen a lot sooner than expected.

The state is now looking at improving SR-50 including the Econ River Bridge by 2016.

Congressman John Mica told WFTV that getting the project done three years earlier would mean delaying other projects in the district.

"We don't have to spend a lot of money, but we have to get the money in sequence, so this project isn't left behind," said Mica.

On Monday, WFTV reported how some residents were concerned the bridge would get more dangerous for walkers and bikers once SR-50 was widened before the bridge.

"Besides buying a car and that costs money, which in these days I don't make a lot of," said bike rider Zach Burns.

The state said it's coming up with a temporary design that would separate the bike lanes from traffic.

State officials said they plan to install curbs so cars don't travel into the pedestrian lane.

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