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Palazzo Statement on Holding Holder in Contempt


Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Steven Palazzo (R-MS), Mississippi's fourth congressional representative, released the following statement today in response to the House Oversight and Investigation Committee's vote to hold Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt of Congress, 23-17.:

"Since the tragic murder of ATF agent Brian Terry in December 2010 and the loss of hundreds of firearms to drug cartels along the U.S.- Mexican border, Congress has made painstaking attempts to get to the bottom of the "Fast and Furious' scandal. This "gun walking" operation, the reckless manner in which it was executed, and the resulting tragedies are no small matters. Over the many months of investigation led by House Oversight Committee Chairman Darrell Issa, we have stumbled upon more questions than answers and more disturbing practices within the Department of Justice than procedures that inspire confidence. Those questions and those concerns have led us to the very top officials of the Department of Justice, including Attorney General Holder himself.

"Like many of my constituents, I have been shocked and angered at both the known details of this case, as well as Attorney General Holder's refusals to cooperate with congressional requests. That is why I joined with my colleagues in formally calling for Attorney General Holder's resignation in November 2011, and that is why I fully support Chairman Issa's decision to bring a contempt vote before the Oversight Committee today. These are serious matters, and I know Chairman Issa did not make this decision lightly nor hastily.

"Despite the president's announcement today exerting executive privilege over some of the documents in question, I remain committed to calling for Attorney General Holder's resignation, and I remain committed to getting to the bottom of the Fast and the Furious scandal."

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