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Issue Position: Health Care

Issue Position

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The health care reform that President Obama pushed through Congress represents nothing more than a $1 billion unfunded mandate that will devastate our health care system, our economy and businesses across our state.

While immediate action needs to be taken to reverse the out of control healthcare costs that have put health insurance out of the reach of many Florida families, this hasty and haphazard legislation will have catastrophic effects.

Instead, we should be focusing on ensuring that Floridians have increased access to quality healthcare while adhering to the principles of smaller government and individual choice, and ensuring that big government stays out of the private medical lives of our state's citizens.

To do this, we need to first address our current tort system, which only serves to compound the problem by inviting unnecessary and costly litigation that more often than not only benefits trial lawyers, not patients. I strongly believe that any healthcare legislation needs to include and address the serious and growing problem of tort reform.

In addition, competition and innovation is the cornerstone of our economy and reforms in our healthcare system should reflect that. We need to harness free market forces and make them work to our advantage, rather than placing more government controls and mandates on the system, which will lead to lack of innovation and rationing of care.

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