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Troy Messenger - Roby Makes Stops in Troy

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Location: Unknown

By Whitley Kilcrease

Women of all ages packed in The Studio in downtown Troy for the June installment of Female Factor.

Congresswoman Martha Roby was the selected speaker and shared a woman's perspective on recent events in Washington D.C., such as budget cuts and military forces overseas.

Roby spoke about the committees she currently serves on, including the Senate Armed Services Committee, in relation to their importance in Alabama and the role that women play in the armed services and agriculture.

She also mentioned her visits to Afghanistan and the impact the women of the country had on her viewpoints.

"We don't have women's issues," Roby said. "The same thing that's important to men is the same thing that's important to me and the security of my children."

The economy was also another topic of Roby's at the luncheon. She said that was important to men and women and said she strives to do what "makes good fiscal sense."

After Roby's prepared statements, guests were invited to ask her questions.

Topics ranged from the legalization of midwifery in Alabama and the status of American troops in Afghanistan, to the budget cuts facing the Department of Defense.

"As women, we make it clear that the same things matter to us," Roby said before her time was up. "Let's stay focused on what's important."

On Wednesday, Roby also spoke with area residents at a breakfast fund-raiser, visited with folks at a "town hall meeting" at Byrd's Drugs, spoke to Girls State participants and met with her Veterans Advisory Board compromised of veterans from this district.

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