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Issue Position: Spending and Debt

Issue Position

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President Obama and Nancy Pelosi have led us down a path that is simply unsustainable. As a Mayor and State Legislator, I've made the tough decisions that prioritized spending and balanced budgets. It's time for Washington to exercise the same responsibility. Congress must:

*Ban all earmarks.

*Pass "No Budget / No Pay" legislation. If Congress doesn't do their work and pass a budget, they shouldn't get paid.

*Pass a Balanced Budget Amendment that includes a line item veto.

*Cut the annual budget deficit by at least $150 Billion each year for the next 10 years or until we have a balanced budget.

*Adopt a Taxpayer Bill of Rights that limits spending to 19.9% of GDP.

*Prohibit new spending until the annual deficit is eliminated.

*Audit the Federal Reserve Bank.

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