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Issue Position: Jobs

Issue Position

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Rick Stream is laser-focused on private sector job creation. He personally understands how so many members of our community are suffering from loss of retirement savings and investments, job loss and under-employment, as well as stagnating businesses and career paths. Rick also understands that private sector job creation is a key component of the solution.

Government red tape and threats of increased taxation compound the jobs crisis. Such anti-growth policies perpetuate the uncertainty and stagnation, which inhibit the private sector job creation process. Based on his strong belief that entrepreneurs are far more capable of fixing the jobs crisis than big government is, Rick continues to fight for low taxes and to cut government red tape--liberating our job creators to put more Missourians to work.

Rick's recent legislative accomplishments to help our local job creators include the certainty provided by a balanced state budget-- which Rick has delivered for four straight years despite the suffering economy. The balanced budget sets Missouri apart from other states, making our community more attractive to out-of-state companies looking to invest or hire across state borders. Moreover, the balanced budget provides our local businesses with confidence that planned expansion and growth will not face the risk of hijack by a state government on the verge of collapse, as is the case in so many states that did not deliver a balanced budget.
Additionally, House Bill 1868 reduces the size of state government and establishes the Joint Committee on the Reduction and Reorganization of Programs within State Government. The committee must publish a report by December 31, 2010, with recommendations for reducing, eliminating, or combining state programs and departments. Such reduction in government red-tape combined with Rick's strong belief in low taxes is paramount to developing a pro-growth climate that allows our local job creators do what they do best: put our community to work.

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