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Issue Position: Health Care

Issue Position

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The Republicans took away health insurance coverage from over 180,000 men, women and children. As a practicing lawyer, I have seen the direct impact of this inhumane and cruel act. Clients of mine who have just one emergency room visit are forced to choose between buying prescription drugs or sometimes just putting ONE meal on the table per day. This is wrong. I will fight to restore health insurance to each and every one of our citizens who were victimized by Governor Blunt's cuts. But I won't stop there.

My mother is not old enough for Medicare, still works 50 -- 60 hours a week and can't afford health insurance -- well, who could at a premium of $1,500.00 a month. And that is the lowest estimate we could find. There is no reason why in our State, someone who has worked all her life believing in a system that will take care of her or at least allow her the opportunity to have affordable health care, can't do something to ensure that all of our working citizens can have access to affordable health care. I pledge to you that I will work endlessly to bring the cost of health care under control so the average working person has access to affordable health care.

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