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Mr. CANTOR. I thank the gentleman.

I would say to the gentleman the conferees continue to work in a bicameral nature. The discussions are proceeding between Chairman Mica and Chairman Boxer. And as the gentleman knows, I have said before, we are desirous of seeing a bill done, as the gentleman said, to afford more certainty to the folks who are relying on the funding of our Nation's transportation program. We certainly think it would be a huge benefit to producing a bill prior to the expiration of the program next week, but knowing full well most of us do not want to see any kind of shutdown in the funding, that we would be prepared in any way to make sure that does not happen.


Mr. CANTOR. Mr. Speaker, I'd say to the gentleman, it has been our position all along that we do not want to see the expiration of the funding of the program to impact the students that right now are struggling, and we have presented to both the White House, as well as the gentleman's side of the aisle here in the Capitol, various ways of accomplishing that end in a responsible manner, in a fiscally responsible manner so that we're not digging the hole any deeper, we're not incurring any additional debt in order to do that, and thus far, have not seen a willingness on the part of the White House.

I am aware that there are discussions ongoing on the other side of the Capitol to see if there can be some resolution on this issue. And that's all I can say to the gentleman as far as I know.


Mr. CANTOR. Mr. Speaker, I'd say to the gentleman, this is an issue of making sure that the American people are given an opportunity to have all the information surrounding the issues involved with the Fast and Furious program.

This is an issue that we feel, as has been indicated by the actions of Chairman Issa, that in acting with all reason, asking of the administration and the Attorney General to produce certain documents, the Attorney General, having agreed to produce certain documents, then refusing to do so, Chairman Issa, leading up to the vote in committee the other day had said all along, if the Attorney General had produced the documents, that there would be a postponement of the hearing.

And in the same fashion, Mr. Speaker, I say to the gentleman, the Democratic whip, if the Attorney General would do what it is he committed to do and produce the documents, we'll postpone the vote. We've not seen any indication of that. He has not done that. And that's why I've announced the vote.


Mr. CANTOR. Mr. Speaker, I would just say to the gentleman, as he knows, the Senate has the so-called ``blue slip'' problem with its bill, and that is about as far as I know as to the progress in the Senate.

As the gentleman knows, we passed the bill here in the House. We did so in recognizing the suggestions and incorporating the suggestions that the GAO had made as to how to streamline the grant programs on the Violence Against Women Act to allow for dollars to reach victims in a more expeditious manner. We wholeheartedly support the passage of that as the gentleman saw when it passed the House. We would like to see a resolution on this.


Mr. CANTOR. Mr. Speaker, I will respond to the gentleman and say to the gentleman that, again, if he looks at the schedule, we are scheduled and have been in accord with that schedule and in session more days this year than we were in a similar year last session. So I would say to the gentleman the schedule is right on track. The predictability, the certainty of this schedule, has allowed for the work to continue.

We will be here throughout July. Our intention is to continue to focus on job creation. We will be looking, obviously, towards the Supreme Court and what its actions may bring next week on the issue of ObamaCare. If we have to act in response to that to assure all Americans that we want and care about their health care, we will do so. If the Court does not strike down the bill in its entirety, the gentleman knows our conference is fully committed to the total repeal of the ObamaCare bill.

In July, we will continue to focus on that bill and its impact on employers. We also are very concerned about the overreach of the regulatory agencies in this town and intend to bring forward a bill with a series of provisions which will address the red tape that has begun to strangle the innovation and growth in this economy.

We will also be very focused on a measure to stop the tax hike that is facing the American people this year. If you look at the enormity of the tax hike, it is something that is hanging over this economy, that is hanging over the mindset of small business people and working families. I don't think anybody would advocate raising taxes, especially in this economy.

That will be the outline of our work with, obviously, some other measures that may be brought up in July.


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