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Issue Position: Federal Spending

Issue Position

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The Federal Government is spending us into a hole that we may never dig ourselves out of. We must demand that our elected legislators put a stop to this immediately. Those who refuse to act must be voted out of office. If this is not done in the upcoming election, it will send a clear signal that we don't care.
We need to balance the federal budget and need to enact ongoing balanced budget legislation to prevent this from happening in the future. It is clear that our legislators are incapable of being fiscally responsible unless they are forced to do so; they have had their chance -- now it is ours.
We must resist the tired old knee-jerk reaction of trying to balance the budget by raising taxes. This has never worked and would be a disaster for our crippled economy. Every action taken must be one that is historically proven to reduce costs and to stimulate private sector business growth. We must look at every line item in the federal budget and strike everything that is just a "want" and not a "need".
The States must become fiscally responsible and become leaders by example in this quest. As your representative in the Colorado Legislature, I will add my voice to those who share these convictions. I will demand that Colorado stand up against Federal Government attempts to usurp the rights reserved to the States by the U S Constitution.

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