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By:  Don Coram
Date: Jan. 1, 2012
Location: Unknown

With the current situation in our state and nation, we can no longer be bystanders and accept the things that are contrary to what made our nation great. Our current situation cannot be corrected from Washington's "top down" approach, but must be saved from the local "bottom up" solution, reduce the size of government and let free enterprise function. It is imperative that we become proactive now in order to turn the tide in 2010 and restore our local Republican values to our state and nation. We must select candidates who remember their roots and do not get lost in the power of Denver and Washington politics. It is up to us to select like-minded candidates who reflect our values. It is for these exact reasons that I ask for your support to represent you in Denver for House District 58.

Colorado's economic history began with agriculture, mining, effective use of our natural resources and, of course, small business. This is the same background from which I come and I continue to be dedicated to the preservation of our heritage.

Colorado must be governed by those who appreciate and respect our State's history. Our current Governor and his followers in our State House and Senate are ignoring that history and are pursuing and enacting legislation that is devastating to our economy.

Responsible development, use and management of our natural resources, while insuring protection of our environment, are critical to resolving the economic issues we now face. In addition, we must sustain a strong agricultural community while promoting and encouraging the growth of small business throughout Colorado. Without a clear commitment to the basic values, economic recovery cannot be accomplished.

Intimidation and burdensome regulations will only compound our problems. My promise to you is that, when it comes to our business community, I will embrace rather than intimidate and will be an advocate for reducing regulations rather than resort to allowing them to further drain our economy.

Don Coram

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