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Issue Position: Education

Issue Position

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Our state depends on an education system that prepares students to be productive members of society. We owe it to our children and grandchildren to provide them with the best possible education so they will be prepared to be successful in the 21st century work force. Although we spend nearly 46%, or about 3.3 billion dollars, of our state budget on education, our children are falling further and further behind. Our leaders at the Capitol need to take a stand and commit to improving our education system. There are 3 ways in which I will fight to improve education and support our students.

*I will push my fellow State Legislatures to be innovative in their approach to education. If there is an idea on how to improve our education, we need to give it a fair hearing. Why can't Colorado be on the cutting edge of educational advancements? We have one of the most highly educated metro areas in the country yet our schools are sending the least amount of children to college. Why are our rural schools doing better on standardized tests and overall performance then inner city schools who are better financed and have access to more teachers and better innovation? These are the issues that we need to address, and we need to have bold innovative ideas. We cannot be afraid to face the realities of the situation and support legislation that makes schools and school districts more innovative and less reliant on the state to educate students.

*we need to motivate our students to be successful. For far too long our students have been told they are the best while they continue to be surpassed by other students around the world. In Colorado we need to create measureable but achievable standards and expectations. We have the best most dedicated professionals as teachers they need the freedom and support to teach in the best way they see fit. We also must hold our educators responsible for the achievement of our students and insure that we have the best teachers in the classroom teaching our students.

*Finally, we need to reevaluate TCAP (formerly CSAP) to make sure it is doing what it was created to do. We need to reevaluate the system to insure that we have the right policies in place to matriculate our students and make sure they are prepared for college and the work force.

Join me and help the Republicans take back the State Senate so we can improve education to move our state forward.

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