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Issue Position: Mike Is Dedicated to Working on Your Behalf For

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Pro-Life Conservative Policies - Having delivered over 2,000 babies, I have not ever performed an abortion and never will. In the same respect I do not believe in Euthanasia as practiced by European/Canadian rationing of healthcare.

Less Taxes and reducing the size of Government

Support of our Constitutional Republic

Stopping Illegal Immigration - I'm a supporter of H.B. 1804 and an opponent of illegal immigration.

Strong Support of Law Enforcement - I am married to an Oklahoma Highway Patrolman's daughter and our son has a B.S. in Criminal Justice from NSU-Broken Arrow and is employed by the BAPD.

Fire Department Protection - I was the first Broken Arrow Police Physician, State of Oklahoma Medical Examiner. My wife is an R.N. and I helped develop the first EMT/Paramedic program for the City of Broken Arrow.

Affordable Healthcare

Strong Education - B.S. degree and two graduate degrees in medicine and forensic science (Summa Cum Laude) and an adjunct-professor at NSU-Broken Arrow and OSU-COM.

Support of the Free Enterprise System - As a business owner in Broken Arrow for 34 years, it's vitally important to me that private businesses are allowed to grow and flourish with minimal government intervention.

Pro-Business-Workman's Comp reform, repeal State Corporate Franchise Tax, eliminate State tax on retirement income and on Capital gains and support legislation to deduct healthcare premiums.

Economic Development and Jobs

Better Roads, Streets and Bridges

Tort Reform

Reducing Energy costs by expanding energy alternatives

Working against Corporate Welfare

Improving Correctional Facilities

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