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Issue Position: Doing Business in Colorado and Where We Can Effect a Positive Change

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Doing Business in Colorado and Where We Can Effect a Positive Change...
In Colorado, 90% of the businesses employ less than 100 people. These small businesses are the foundation of economic recovery at the State and National level. We need more tax payers, not more taxes. Our declining job market continues under the watch of excess Government Regulation and unfounded EPA Restrictions on Colorado Businesses.

Our State focuses on Commercial property owners to bear a huge tax burden. With the Gallagher Amendment (1982), Tax on Commercial Property is at 384% of the Residential Property Tax. That percentage rate is adjusted every two years. Add into the equation the Business Personal Property Tax which is 29% applied to any form of business equipment.

Commercial business starts out with a significant tax burden before opening its doors for business or collecting one dime of revenue generated through sales and services. The size of a business debt sheet often dictates the success or failure of that business. Generating new business in a down economy is tricky and involves great risk by the business owner. Trends change and businesses must adapt to the ever changing economic needs of the consumer. When business sales and revenues fall short… employees are laid off resulting in declining number of tax payers. The financial burden of support then shifts to the Government in the form of unemployment benefits paid out to the unemployed. This is a perpetual circle of cause and effect that never changes.

I would be remiss if we did not address Regulatory Agencies and their ability to fine business on ever changing "unwritten" policy. Many fines assessed to small business are administrative in nature, based in procedure errors, not criminal actions. These fines may result from a "phrase" or "format", in the business contractual agreement with the consumer, perhaps not being what the Regulatory Agency feels was written appropriately. Fines are heavily assessed to the business owner, even though, no rights of the consumer were ever lost in the business transaction. These Unwritten Policies are left up to the Regulatory Agency to define and may change from case to case. It is inconsistent in its application to the Business owners. We need to define those unwritten Policies and get back on track with fair and consistent Regulation for Colorado Businesses.

The State and Local Municipalities of Colorado need to adjust to the changing economic climate and focus on cutting their spending and Government growth. Sticking to infrastructure and mandated services would be a good start.

Unfortunately, Government has become the new "Big Business" outwardly competing with private sector business at the tax payer's expense. Tax payers funded the Government Bailout of GM, massive Government loans for Green Energy Company upstarts such as Solyndra and the endless Government subsidies for Ethanol Plants and unproven Alternative Energy technology. Government accounting methods employ manipulated figures to bury the true cost of Government expansion and tax waste.

All levels of Government have been involved in picking and choosing business winners and losers. Government will "Partner" with or fund a private sector business in an attempt to achieve an outcome that is not dictated by a Free Market Economy, but, rather a Government agenda. The intrusion of Government into the Market has lent a big hand in destroying not only our vision of achieving the American Dream but our Free Market Economy System as well.

As a State, we must encourage a consistent and positive economic and regulatory climate in order for our Small Business "Job Creators" to continue to grow, operate and employ great people. If we are successful in achieving this goal, we will see an increase in the number of Tax Payers Statewide through the success of small business ventures.

These are just a few of the many difficulties business's in Colorado face today. Our economic and employment situation will have a positive change if we address these issues.

As your Senator, I will protect Private Sector Business owners against Government abuse through regulation and taxation. Imagine having the ability to manage your business without fear of Government takeover, competition or regulatory intervention. Let's get to work to restore the American Dream to our great State starting now. The wonderful citizens of Colorado deserve it!

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