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Issue Position: Senate Democrats Fail to Understand Free Market

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Thankfully, job creators, business owners, and taxpayers can count on the Republican's single vote majority in the House to defeat the Senate's proposed "preferences" bill approved on April 10 by a voice vote (SB-1). The Senate Democratic majority fails to understand basic free market principles and economic policies: preferences for certain employers over others (regardless of how enticing the preference may be) do nothing to stimulate jobs but instead serve only to increase the cost of doing state business, footed by the taxpayers. As stewards of taxpayer money, state government should work to operate with the most fiscally sound practices. Preferences would drive up the costs of state contracts at a time when picking the low bid is critical to a sustainable government.

Preferences also allow the state government to pick winners and losers in the marketplace. Here, the Senate Democrats decide that "good" companies are those that certify a percentage of Colorado resident-workers and offer health care, retirement benefits, and apprenticeship training programs. The rest are "not worthy." Want to expand your business outside of Colorado or the U.S.? Too bad -- they might not want you, either, should Colorado enact protectionist legislation. The market, not a few elected state senators, best determines what defines winning employers.

A comparable ill-conceived proposal (HB-1113) sponsored by Rep. Pete Lee was defeated in the House. We must await a similar fate for SB-1.

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