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Issue Position: Carole's Backbone

Issue Position

Location: Unknown

Here are Carole Murray's basic building blocks for decision-making:

*Small government: The use of government in a society should be limited to those functions which cannot be carried out by an individual, or not appropriately assigned to the profit or non-profit sector

*The importance of free markets and individual freedom: When government encroaches too often or too deeply into the private movement of individuals or
businesses, human dignity is diminished and entrepreneurial spirit is dampened.

*2nd amendment rights are clear in our Constitution.

*The right to life, traditional marriage, and other conservative values are part of the fabric of Carole's decision-making. Our country can remain strong only if we maintain a strong moral compass and resist the siren call of the mass media-- for the sake of ourselves and our children. We must have a strong stand against those who would prey on our children.

*Education and a free press are cornerstones of our democracy: Citizens can make enlightened decisions about their own governance when they are taught critical thinking and when they are full members of the society. This is achieved as a result of having all occupational doors open to them through a strong basic education. A free press informs an educated electorate of the activities of government, making the government accountable to the governed. A free press is the ultimate test of free speech.

*A society can be judged by the care it shows to those who cannot care for themselves: the mentally ill, the developmentally disabled, and children at risk. Government cannot ignore this silent constituency, and should leverage its scarce resources by enabling organizations who serve these populations.

*An ethical center: Our founders knew that self-government was impossible without a foundation of basic goodness among men. Religious freedom is the core of the American experience.

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