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Issue Position: Decrease Regulatory Costs and Barriers to Business Success!

Issue Position

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Government regulation of business is three things: 1) higher costs for those who prove themselves ethical and law-abiding; 2) more rules for rule-keepers; and, 3) the justification for government to grow. Regulation should not be confused with law enforcement. In fact, regulation is rather the opposite of law enforcement in that regulators focus primarily on those who can prove themselves good, while law enforcement focuses primarily on those who prove themselves bad.

If you practice a regulated profession in Colorado, then you're almost certainly paying higher fees to the State government for the privilege of investing capital, creating jobs, and driving the economy. Chances are, you and your colleagues are paying higher costs for application, testing, background checks, and licensing or registration renewals. In some professions, you may even be required to pay the costs associated with the State auditing or investigating your business.

Meanwhile, regulators continue to issue more rules that those who pay the higher costs are forced to follow. Those who flaunt the authority of the regulator, particularly those outside the state and thus generally beyond the authority of the regulator, often go unnoticed or unpunished. Given this nearly unavoidable reality, government chronically continues to charge and demand more, while failing to solve the problems that originally justified the implementation of regulation. At that point, government generally calls for more money to pay for more ineffective regulation, which, in turn, drives the growth of government.

Working from the fundamental knowledge that prosperity does not come from government, Representative Holbert works with the business community to correct or abolish costly, over-reaching, and ineffective regulatory schemes. Lets work together to promote competition, grow business, and prosper our way out of recession, which would ultimately lead to increased tax revenues for Colorado!

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