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Issue Position: Cut Government Spending and honor the Taxpayer Bill of Rights!

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During the 2011 general session, State House Republicans passed a budget that actually cut government spending. Chris believes that, just like a family or business budget, government must learn to operate on less revenue during a recession. Meanwhile, those who love big government are working to increase taxes.

In 2005, those who love big government claimed that Referendum C wasn't a tax increase. Later, they claimed that Governor Ritter freezing the mill levy wasn't a tax increase. In 2009, they claimed that raising license plate renewal fees wasn't a tax increase, even though the "fee" was used to indirectly fund another source, which is the definition of a tax! In 2010, they told us that removing tax exemptions (aka the "Dirty Dozen") so that businesses would pay more tax were, somehow, not tax increases. Now in 2011, they're actually pushing a tax increase!

Chris honors the Colorado Taxpayers Bill of Rights (TABOR), which is intended to prohibit the legislature from increasing taxes. Under TABOR, those decisions are made by voters. Chris believes that in order to abide by our state Constitution and to honor TABOR, we must be open to allowing such questions to be placed on a ballot so that voters can make those decisions.

The Colorado Constitution also requires that the state operate on a balanced budget. While a "balanced budget" is better than the deficit spending that occurs in Washington, DC, it does allow big-government liberals to spend 100% of state revenue every year. Thus, if the voters were to approve a tax increase, our state government would continue to spend 100% of whatever higher amount of tax revenue might be generated.

Chris reminds us that government will never have enough money or power unless and until it is made to operate on LESS than 100% of revenue. Click here to view Chris' Colorado Union of Taxpayers pledge to honor and uphold TABOR.

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