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Issue Position: Education

Issue Position

Location: Unknown

Some facts for you to consider:

Oklahoma Texas

1% of total U.S. population 8% of total U.S. population

8% of total U.S. school administration 8% of total U.S. school administration

Oklahoma leads the nation in the amount of school districts per capita. With each of Oklahoma's 530 school superintendents come levels of administrative bureaucracy.

Our children must have the best education possible to compete in the workforce. While knocking doors in 2008, Aaron ran into his grade school math teacher, Mrs. Clark. Teachers are much more than state employees; they are lifelong friends and mentors.

As a small business owner, Aaron Stiles knows that the more you pay can pay employees, the better product you get. This means that our good teachers and good schools should get rewarded.

The way we increase teacher pay and to put more money in the classroom is to eliminate spending on needless levels of administration.

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