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Issue Position: Jobs

Issue Position

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Colorado is now a state which has little attraction for new business. Our regulations at the state, county and municipal level are viewed as a hindrance to starting new enterprises. In addition, well paying jobs are very dependent upon nearby educational institutions which should attract the best students here and nationwide and provide not only supporting research for new technology but also graduate students well trained in there disciplines. Several large European and Asian companies have recently built new plants to manufacture automobiles in the U.S. These plants were located in States which brought monetary incentives, land and a union free work environment to the bargaining table.

I would support legislation which would eliminate onerous regulations, create an aggressive campaign to bring jobs to Colorado from "rust belt" states and foreign locations, and insure that we can provide incentives. We have abundant power and "emotional beauty" to attract new business. I would also like to see an aggressive effort to encourage entrepreneurs in Colorado. We need an "investment capitalist" attitude and organization to seek out the people with ideas and match them to the money source needed.

Right here in the Colorado Springs area, we often do not see our Military citizens as wanting to venture into new arenas. These young people and recent retirees need jobs, the specific training for available jobs and their energy focused on creating opportunities here. Just recently, I met a young man who with his wife and a friend had started a mobile auto detail business. They didn't have much money to start but they now have 3 trucks in Colorado Springs and 6 employees. As the military shrinks again, there should be a focal point at Carson and Peterson which helps find jobs in C.S. and encourages new ideas for new businesses.

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