Issue Position: Illegal Immigration and Border Security

Issue Position

By:  Amy Stephens
Date: Jan. 1, 2012
Location: Unknown

Illegal immigration threatens our physical and economic security, burdens our law enforcement and social services, and undermines the rule of law.

You may also be aware of a bill to grant in-state tuition to illegal immigrants that was making its way through the state legislature. Majority Leader Amy Stephens fought against subsidized tuition for illegal aliens. Called the "ASSET" bill or SB15, House Republicans were able to defeat the measure and ensure that only legal residents of Colorado remain eligible to benefit from in-state tuition.

The vast majority of House District 19 has made it clear that they do not support this issue -- especially when students and families here legally struggle to finance a college education.

In Amy Stephens first year of office, Amy passed one of the toughest illegal crime bills in Colorado. Majority Leader Amy Stephens fought for justice by sponsoring HB07-1040, forcing illegal immigrant criminals to stand trial for their crimes before deportation instead of getting a free ride home.

Majority Leader Amy Stephens fights against irresponsible guest worker programs that can't be accountable to both state and federal government and are gateways to importing illegals. She opposes her opponent's ridiculous guest worker program (HB08-1325) that would spend millions of Colorado tax dollars to recruit and import foreign workers into Colorado.

A bold, conservative leader, Majority Leader Amy Stephens will always lead the fight against illegal immigration.

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