Issue Position: Energy Independence

Issue Position

By:  Amy Stephens
Date: Jan. 1, 2012
Location: Unknown

Colorado is blessed with mineral riches that can and should benefit Coloradoans and all Americans. Majority Leader Amy Stephens leads the fight for Colorado energy independence. Majority Leader Amy Stephens supports responsible mineral and energy industries that grow our economy, create jobs, preserve the environment, and wean our great nation off foreign dependence of oil.

Majority Leader Amy Stephens knows Colorado, with its vast natural and human resources, can simultaneously produce energy and preserve our environment and natural splendor.

Majority Leader Amy Stephens leads the fight against the federal government and Bureau of Land Management to reclaim Colorado's mineral rights and control of our sovereign land, and she ran legislation to authorize a study of the alluvial aquifers to determine how to best use Colorado's precious groundwater resources (HB07-1109).

Majority Leader Amy Stephens fought against the EPA and drastic Clean Air Act mandates by supporting legislation(HB10-1365) diversifying our energy market and give Colorado control over its own air quality by converting four old, polluting coal-fired plants to clean, cheap natural gas.

Majority Leader Stephens leads the fight for federalism: she sponsored a bill encouraging Colorado agencies to seek waivers from oppressive federal mandates (HB12-1175) and sponsored the "Blueprint for a Leaner Government" Act (SB10-164), a bold roadmap for shrinking state government bureaucracy.

Majority Leader Amy Stephens leads the fight for energy development and independence against radical environmentalists and fear-mongering populist politicians!

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