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Issue Position: My Philosophy on Government

Issue Position

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Those men and women who began the American experiment were inspired by forces beyond themselves. They came together during the creation of our country in a marvelous way to form "a more perfect union." We haven't exactly been true to their stewardship and that's one reason why I'm running for the legislature at this time.

As stated in the Declaration of Independence, our rights and personal liberties don't come from government, rather they come from God. Government's role is to protect those rights. Government cannot guarantee our happiness. Rather, government's role is to guarantee that you and I can pursue happiness.

Our U.S. Constitution is inspired and sets out a careful balance achieved through brilliant compromises among the rival interests of the federal government and state government. The Constitution sets out the role of the national government, reserving all other rights to the states and to the people.

We are living at a time when the federal government continues to overreach and erode our rights. We are angry but we must channel that anger into positive energy to effect the changes necessary to protect our personal liberties.

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