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Issue Position: Immigration

Issue Position

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America is a welcoming Nation, but we must secure our borders and enforce existing immigration laws. I have served in combat in Iraq and Afghanistan with Men who were not legal citizens yet. Some of these Men died for our Country and never made it down their path to citizenship. This Country was no doubt built on diversity, however, these were documented and legal immigrants who have passed through Ellis Island or taken the legal steps to citizenship. They were immigrants like the ones I have served with, that loved America and were willing to do whatever it took to become a citizen of this great Country. Illegal Immigrants must be stopped! By refusing to control our border, and worse, suggesting the need for amnesty, politicians in Washington are undermining the very tenets that have made us a destination for so long. In order to preserve the freedoms and opportunities that beckons so many, we must maintain and enforce our laws. I have worked as an Illegal Immigration Liaison Officer with the D-27 drug Task Force as well as the Sheriff's Department to identify criminal aliens and illegal aliens, and ensure they were charged and deported. Illegal immigration is placing a high cost on state and local budgets, and creating open routes for terrorists and others who wish our Nation harm. Oklahoma has one of the strictest state laws in the nation. When I am elected to office I WILL ensure our local and state law enforcement enforces these laws to keep our citizens safe.

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