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Issue Position: ASSET

Issue Position

Location: Unknown

The rhetoric around the ASSET bill is heated. Opponents talk about "subsidizing illegals" and "giving in-state tuition to foreigners". ASSET allows any graduate of a Colorado high school to attend a state institution of higher education while paying full cost of their education without receiving the in-state subsidy from the Colorado Opportunity Fund. Students who cannot prove citizenship are eligible for this standard tuition rate provided they sign a pledge to seek citizenship as soon as they are eligible. These children are here for any variety of reasons but what is sure is that they are innocent children working hard to become adults. This is the only country they have ever known, and we should offer more than a dead-end life in the shadows. In return for allowing them to pay full price for their schooling, Colorado gains a steady stream of highly motivated new citizens and workers. That is the American Dream in action. We all gain by making this bill law.

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