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Issue Position: End Corporate Personhood

Issue Position

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The Supreme Court's decision in Citizen's United has opened the floodgates of corporate money and influence pouring into the electoral system. It has also generated a flood of mail calling for a constitutional amendment declaring, "human rights are only for human beings."

The Citizen's United decision is wrong and has opened a Pandora's Box of corporate election buying. It elevates the role of money in political speech under the First Amendment to an absurd extreme. However, I am not convinced that amending the United States Constitution is the right way to address the problem. It is a very lengthy process with an uncertain outcome. The problem is not with the First Amendment; the problem is this particular Supreme Court's interpretation.

Rather than focus on amending the United States Constitution, I believe there are a number of steps we should take at this time to tighten up our campaign reporting laws to increase public knowledge of the source of funds. I also believe shareholders should have more knowledge and control over corporate contributions to political campaigns. Congress should act in this area, as should the Colorado legislature.

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