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Remembering D-Day


Location: Unknown

Remember D-Day's hallowed legacy as countless American families do. Remember the brave men and women who chose to risk everything to prevail over a manifested evil.

My father led a bomber squadron on that historic day, and he helped the Allied Forces begin a hard-fought campaign for victory. The American Spirit guided the Allies to victory over a seemingly unstoppable force during the war.

America is under threat. Whether through terrorists, a porous and dangerous border, or the assault on our values, Texas is a primary target.

This July 31st, Texas will have its very own "D-Day"--a day when we give the Washington machine an undiluted dose of Texas conservatism. And if July 31st is our "D-Day," November 6th will certainly be our "V-Day" when we send the Texas model to Washington and retire President Obama.

We will give our best-in-the-world military men and women the tools to protect our country. We will secure our border, protect our values, and restore the pride in America and the hope of the American Spirit around the globe.

I hope you will take a moment today to observe the American Spirit exhibited by the fighting heroes of D-Day. And remember what they fought for so that we can protect it at home.


David Dewhurst

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