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David Dewhurst's Convention Speech

Location: Unknown

David Dewhurst's prepared remarks for the 2012 Texas GOP Convention on June 8, 2012:

Ladies and gentlemen,

I'm honored to be here with you today, because I know who makes Texas the greatest state in the country. You do!

With me today is my lovely wife Tricia. And I could not do what I do without her, as well as the encouragement of our precious 8 year old daughter, Carolyn.

I want to thank all the fine Republican men and women,

who have worked SO hard with Governor Rick Perry and myself, to create the "Texas Economic Miracle" -- the strongest state economy in America, and the leader in job creation.

I want to thank all of you … who have been on the frontlines in creating the most pro-life, pro-family, pro-growth state in the nation…

… And all of you ... who have been on the frontlines helping us fight against President Barack Obama's War on Texas.

Working together, we've made Texas the envy of the nation.

You see, in Texas we know the POWER of the American Dream. We know it's NOT a Dream -- but a VISION.

A vision, that if we believe in something GREATER than SELF,

and we sacrifice, persevere and work hard, that anyone, from anyplace, can climb heights as improbable, as they are breathtaking!

America is TRULY an EXCEPTIONAL nation, blessed by God.

The ONLY boundary to our success, is how far we dare to dream.

But the American Dream is under attack. Many believe their children won't have the SAME or BETTER opportunities they had.

Liberals in Washington have put a target on the back of conservative values and free enterprise.

But Texas is different.

In Texas, we fought for our values, and we won!

Because we KNOW what works.

Pro-life conservatives know … that's why we defunded Planned Parenthood!

Senator Troy Fraser and I know … that's why we passed a Photo Voter ID to stop rampant voter fraud across Texas!

Small business owners know … that's why I helped cut taxes 51 times to save taxpayers $14.5 billion.

Tea Party leaders know … that's why I helped cut state spending by over $14 billion last year.

Governor Rick Perry knows … that's why we signed into law the most comprehensive medical malpractice and asbestos tort reform bills in America. And we made the liberal trial lawyer agenda obsolete in Texas!

Senator Patrick knows … that's why, working together,

we passed the Sonogram Bill, which will save thousands of lives.

Attorney General Greg Abbott knows … that's why we stood strong for the 10th Amendment, because we know that the federal government is NEVER the solution… It's the problem!

That's why we killed all liberal proposals for a state income tax!

Killed them dead. Not on my watch.

We created the strongest state economy in America …

And most importantly, we've defended religious freedoms.

I've been proud to fight with Governor Rick Perry, Attorney General Greg Abbott, and our conservative leaders to protect our fiscal and social values.

People ask...what's the difference between Washington and Texas?

All the difference in the world.

In Texas, men and women like you...have put your faith and trust in conservative leaders like Rick Perry and me.

Working with you, WE have helped created the Texas Economic Miracle.

The last 9 years we created more new net jobs than the rest of the nation combined.

We created the best business climate in America.

But we know that whatever success Texas has had,

is due to our deeply held conservative principles,

And the will to implement them,

And the grace of our Good Lord.

You see … In Texas, God still has a place in our hearts and minds. of most Texans, no matter how hard President Barack Obama has tried to trample on our religious liberties.

That's why we need to STOP President Obama's trampling on our family values and religious freedoms.

This is a critical time in America's history.

America is at the edge of a cliff, poised to tumble over the edge. We need men and women who will stand up for traditional values. Stand up and STOP the radical Obama agenda before it destroys America.

Men and each of you here today.

Together, we have moved mountains to protect conservative values.

I've helped protect the sanctity of marriage by passing the Defense of Marriage Act. One man, one woman.

We've protected the 1st Amendment rights of students… freedom of religion … by allowing prayer and reflection in public schools.

My friends… we have done all this…because it's the right thing to do.

We...believe in the power of faith, families and freedom.

Folks ask me all the time… what makes Texas so special?

And I tell them… it's not football… or chicken fried steaks.

The success of Texas is largely the fact that there...are more Texans in Texas than any other state!

It's our people.

It's our values.

It's our character.

It's who we are...and what we stand for.

It's the same values that were instilled by my Mother…

and by the memory of my father, who led the B-26 bomber air attack on Utah Beach, Normandy, at H-Hour minus 5 minutes,

on D-Day...June 6, 1944.

Dad flew 85 missions over Nazi Germany and then came home to Houston, only to be killed by a drunk driver when I was only 3

Our faith teaches us..."lean not unto thy own understanding, but in all thy ways acknowledge Him, and He will direct thy paths".

The journey has been incredible.

I love working for you. I love moving the State of Texas forward. Never compromising my conservative principles.

America is at risk if we do not fight for her every day.

And The American Dream is at risk if we do not fight for it, every day.

I'm proud to know that the men and women in this room are conservative warriors.

And WE won't stop fighting until we send Barack Obama back to Chicago!

Thank you for all that you do … all that you have done … and all that you will do to fight for Texas conservative values.

God bless you… and God Bless Texas.

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