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Flood Insurance and Modernization Act

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC


Mr. INHOFE. Mr. President, a while ago we were talking about the unanimous consent request that was objected to by Senator Hutchison to bring up my pilots' bill of rights by unanimous consent, actually Senate rule XIV.

During that time, it was the intention of Senator Mark Begich from Alaska to be on the Senate floor with me. He was tied up with constituents. I did not want to talk about him unless he was down here. But I have visited with him. Right now we have--I do not know how many--thousands and thousands of pilots who are watching this at this moment. I want them to know that Mark Begich has been the cosponsor of my legislation. We would not be able to be here and doing what we are doing, as far along with 66 cosponsors, if we had not had his cooperation. I wish to thank him and the junior senator from West Virginia Mr. Manchin, who has been on my side on this legislation all of the way through.

I just want to make sure the pilots of America know who does want them to have equal justice under the law and who, perhaps, does not.

I yield the floor.


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