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Issue Position: Our Democracy

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Our campaign finance system is out of control. Statewide candidates must raise millions of dollars to be competitive. Remarkably, the Supreme Court has indicated that money is the same as speech and corporations are the same as people. Outside groups with generic names like "Western Tradition Partnership" dump huge sums of money into local races, yet we know nothing about who or what gave that money in the first place. Confidence in our democracy is at an all-time low because we feel powerless against rich donor and corporate money.

The only way to truly reform our campaign finance system is through a constitutional amendment. In the meantime, we can enact statewide measures that will increase transparency:

*We can require any outside group who participates in a local or statewide race to disclose their donors. If they want to be a part of the debate here, they must tell us who they are.

*Our current campaign finance disclosure reporting system is very difficult to navigate. We can set up e-mail alerts that notify any interested party of any individual or group who contributes to any campaign.

Recent municipal elections showed us that an educated public can offset large corporate contributions. Increased transparency is the key and I will fight for it as your State Representative.

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