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Kyrillos Makes First Jobs Tour Stop in Middlesex County


Location: Middlesex County, NJ

State Senator and Candidate for U.S. Senate Joe Kyrillos (R-Monmouth) kicked off his statewide Jobs Tour today with a stop in Middlesex County at OEG Building Material in Matawan. Upon arriving at OEG, Senator Kyrillos met privately with the company's CEO Oscar Rosner, General Manager Sal Sammartana, and CFO Joseph Weiss, to discuss the challenges the company faces as a small business trying to expand despite the sluggish national economy. Senator Kyrillos also toured the facility and met the employees and discussed the business from their perspective. The stop ended in a roundtable discussion with both management and employees.

Senator Kyrillos said, "OEG wants to be able to grow their business and provide jobs by being innovative and working hard. Employees are looking for good paying jobs and a chance to get ahead and provide opportunities for their families and children. But the policies coming out of Washington are making it more difficult to achieve those goals.

"I am running for the United States Senate to bring the same kinds of reforms we have instituted here in New Jersey to Washington, to reduce burdensome regulations and change the tax code so businesses like OEG can thrive in the global marketplace.

"In New Jersey, we are experiencing a comeback. I have been proud to work with Governor Christie and like-minded reformers to balance our budgets without raising taxes, cap property taxes and reform our pension system. There is more to be done, but things are changing for the better.

"Now it is time for an American comeback. We need to reform and simplify our tax code, lessen regulatory burdens on businesses and job creators, and deal honestly with our national debt and deficit. We can no longer afford to hide from the tough decisions, as my opponent Senator Bob Menendez has done over the last six years.

"This is just the first stop, I will continue to get feedback from businesses across the state and that will be what sets the initiatives in my jobs plan apart. In the coming month, we will see firsthand the changes that need to be instituted to give every business, new or old, small or large, the chance they deserve to succeed."

Following the jobs tour, Senator Kyrillos will release a Jobs Plan comprised of initiatives to spur business growth and investment. Kyrillos' second stop on the tour is scheduled for this Friday, June 15th in Bergen County.

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