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Ron Paul: "Randy Weber is My Choice for Congress"

Press Release

Location: League City, TX

There may be no stronger compliment than to have the current office holder, the people's choice; give you their endorsement to succeed them when they leave. Who better to know the difficulties of the job, the complexities associated with the fiscal mess in Washington, and the responsibility of serving over 600,000 constituents on the Gulf Coast? Today, Congressman Ron Paul officially endorsed Randy Weber to fill his seat in Congress and continue the fight to save our country from an overreaching government that is destroying jobs and bankrupting future generations.

Congressman Ron Paul's statement:
"I am pleased to endorse Randy Weber in the race to succeed me in the Fourteenth District of Texas. Randy is a family man, a man of faith and a man of strong character. It is very important to me that my friends and neighbors receive strong representation from their Congressman and I know that Randy shares a deep commitment to constituent service. The fourteenth district will have a real Champion in Randy Weber.

As a small business owner, Randy understands how excessive regulation and reckless overspending by government is destroying jobs and squeezing our community. Randy Weber will be a strong and consistent voice to get Washington off our backs so we in the Fourteenth District can work and grow.

Randy Weber is my choice for Congress. I hope you will join me and send him to Washington," said Congressman Ron Paul.

In addition to the endorsement, Congressman Paul has also agreed to promote Weber's candidacy to his army of supporters across the country. In the next few weeks, Congressman Paul will join Randy on the campaign trail in the district.

"Dr. Paul has led a revolution directed at turning our country around by returning to principles found in the Constitution. He's traveled coast to coast, speaking to millions of people of all races, ages, backgrounds and philosophies about the urgency of the moment to save our country from fiscal ruin. He's a father, grandfather, good Doctor and a Patriot. Congressman Paul knows the people of the Gulf Coast are hardworking, honest and deeply concerned about the direction we're traveling under Obama. I am honored to have his endorsement. I will represent the people of this district with integrity and do my best to get our country back on course," Randy Weber said.

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