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Hard Work & Fairness Are Hoosier Values Not Represented in Washington

Press Release

Location: South Bend, IN

U.S. Army veteran and small business owner Brendan Mullen voiced his disappointment today that Washington is so broken that politicians can't come together to ensure basic fairness for men and women as jobs and fair pay matter more than ever for Hoosier families. Mullen pointed to the failure of Congress to stop wage discrimination even though reports show women are paid 77 cents for every dollar as their male counterparts.

"This is a clear case of right and wrong, but for politicians in Washington, common sense just goes out the window when they can score cheap political points," said Mullen. "As a small business owner, I always operated by the rule that equal work means equal pay, and as a father, I am raising my daughter with the Hoosier values that hard work and fairness are the building blocks of success. I challenge anyone to tell my mother, who worked for decades at St. Mary's College or my wife, who works in Elkhart, that they deserve to be paid less than their male colleagues."

The Paycheck Fairness Act passed the House in 2009. It would outlaw gender-based pay discrepancies and ban workplace policies that prohibit employees from disclosing their wages with each other. However, earlier this week it failed to pass Congress because a divided Washington could helped block the passage of the bill.

Mullen was disappointed in the development, saying, "Hoosiers are tired of Washington politicians putting politics ahead of solving problems for people. Supporting the middle class starts with helping businesses create good jobs with fair wages for all Hoosiers, men or women.

Brendan Mullen is a South Bend Native, a West Point Graduate, an Iraqi Freedom Veteran, a small business owner, a father and a husband. He is the Democratic Nominee for Indiana's second congressional district.

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