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Blog: A Uniting Issue: Ending Sex Selection Abortion


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Every once in a while, an issue comes along that can unite Democrats and Republicans, men and women, young and old. Ending sex selection abortion is one of those issues.

Sex selection abortion is the termination of a pregnancy because the parent or parents do not like the sex or gender of the baby. It is so common in some countries that the world has an estimated 100 million missing girls and women today from previous sex selection abortions.

An article published in The Economist in 2010 noted that "the selective destruction of baby girls is global…even subsets of America's population are following suit…"

Earlier this year British police gathered material that showed three doctors agreeing to arrange terminations for women who wanted to end their pregnancies after discovering the sex of the child. It is a crime in England to terminate a pregnancy based on gender. ..but not in theUnited States.
The phrase "war on women" is trotted out in election years to score political points, but this is the real war on girls and women, and it is time for America to lead the way in ending this legally-sanctioned discrimination.

In 2003 partial-birth abortion was banned in the United Stateswith strong bipartisan support. While the ban on partial-birth abortion was backed by 63 House Democrats, today only 20 support ending gender-selection abortion.
It is my hope that as people voice opposition to aborting babies because of their gender, Congress will outlaw this disturbing practice.

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