Goodlatte Statement on Obama Administration Immigration Announcement


By:  Bob Goodlatte
Date: June 11, 2012
Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Bob Goodlatte issued this statement following the Obama Administration's announcement that they will stop deporting and instead grant work permits to illegal immigrants who came to the U.S.

"Today's politically motivated announcement from the Obama Administration that it is going to immediately stop deporting illegal immigrants who came to this country and instead grant them work permits is an outrageous abuse of power by the Executive Branch. With this announcement President Obama has completely bypassed the Congress, which is charged with writing our immigration laws, in order to grant possible amnesty to many illegal immigrants. This policy shift is in direct conflict with the law of our land.

Not only do I believe President Obama lacks the authority to make such a change to our immigration laws but I find it particularly egregious that he would want to hand out work permits to nearly 1 million illegal immigrants when many Americans are struggling to find work themselves.

America is a land of great opportunity and promise. Our nation was founded by those who sought a better life and our strength and diversity come from our immigrant heritage. However, our nation was also founded upon a set of principles, among them the rule of law and fairness and today's announcement by the Obama Administration is contrary to these very principles."

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