Obama Amnesty Plan Not Legally Valid

Press Release

By:  John Carter
Date: June 15, 2012
Location: Round Rock, TX

President Barak Obama's plan to unilaterally grant amnesty to an estimated 800,000 illegal immigrants is in violation of the U.S. Constitution's separation of powers and is not legally valid, according to House Republican Conference Secretary John Carter (TX31).

"The President today announced his intention to break the law," says Carter. "Article I Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution reads, "The Congress shall have the Power to…establish an uniform Rule of Naturalization.' Those laws are on the books, the President has refused to enforce them, and has now announced he will substitute his own personal law over that of the lawfully elected Representatives of the American people."

Carter says the action is a clear breach of the President's Oath of Office, required and prescribed under the Constitution's Article 2 Section 1, to "preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States."

"The American people need to be very aware of what Obama has set in motion," says Carter. "If this is allowed to stand, any President can ignore any law they choose in the future. The response of the House and Senate to this violation should be determined with the utmost gravity when Congress returns to Washington next week."

The former Texas judge says the motivation behind the announcement is pure political deception. "This President will now do anything to change the conversation away from the failure of his economic policies and continued high unemployment. Just like bringing up the gay marriage issue a couple weeks back, it is apparent we can look forward to Obama continuing to drag up the most divisive and controversial issues he can from now to the election to divert the attention of the voters from his record."

Carter says this action should help the public decide whether Obama should be removed from office in January.

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