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President Obama is Making it Harder for Small Businesses to Grow


Location: Unknown

We met this morning--the Congressman, and Mike, and Governor Pawlenty and I--with people who represent a number of small businesses in this area, learned about what things are going well and learn about what things aren't going so well and what things we can do to make things better. And I must submit that what I heard, in talking to them, was very different than what I heard listening to the president the other day.

Couple of days ago, he was laying out what he'd do to make the economy better. And somehow what I heard from people who actually create jobs is different than what I heard from a guy who wants to hang on to his job.

He seems to think that government is just working just fine and that if we just had a little more government, everything could be even better. And what I heard from these gentlemen and ladies is that actually government is not working just fine--that sometimes it makes things harder for small businesses to grow and thrive.

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