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Congressman Canseco Visits Del Rio, Talks Job Creation with Local Job Creators and Residents

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Francisco "Quico" Canseco (TX-23), a former small business owner and proud representative of the 23rd District of Texas, recently spent the day in Del Rio where he had the opportunity to visit with several local businesses and hold a town hall meeting to discuss the economy and job creation.

"One of the ways I remain accountable to the constituents of the 23rd District of Texas is by getting out in the communities I have the privilege to represent in the House of Representatives and learning about their needs and concerns firsthand. On Tuesday, I had the pleasure of spending the day in Del Rio and listening to the concerns of local businesses and residents there," said Congressman Canseco.

While in Del Rio, Canseco visited several businesses to listen to what local job creators believe is holding back job creation. "Even though I visited with very different businesses, across the board I was hearing the same concerns. What I heard from them is that the federal government is negatively impacting private sector job creators like themselves, whether through uncertainty about how these businesses will pay health care costs because of Obamcare, fears of higher taxes because of Washington's out of control spending and debt, or the inability of local financial institutions to lend money to consumers because of excessive federal regulations in the Dodd-Frank financial regulation bill. Until we deal with these problems and private sector job creators start hiring again, our economy is going to continue to limp along," said Congressman Canseco. The businesses visited by Canseco included the SAS shoe factory, Ram Country Autoplex, Poncho's Mexican Restaurant, Cripple Creek Restaurant, Texas Community Bank, and Falcon National Bank.

Congressman Canseco's visit to Del Rio concluded with a town hall meeting at the Ramada. During the town hall, Canseco walked attendees through a presentation showing facts about our economy under President Obama's leadership, noting that 12.7 million Americans are unemployed, the unemployment rate continues to exceed 8% for the 40th straight month -- a level the Obama Administration said would never be reached if the trillion dollar-plus stimulus bill was passed, median family income has declined by $1,154 since 2008, and the latest figures from the Census Bureau on the poverty rate shows the poverty rate in 2010 at 15.1% - the highest rate since 1993. "By any objective measure, President Obama's economic policies have failed. In fact, not only have they failed, they've made the economy worse. It's not that President Obama's policies are failing to have a positive effect on job creation, it's that they're having a negative effect," said Canseco. Congressman Canseco then discussed the jobs agenda in the House of Representatives, talking to constituents about the almost 30 jobs bills that have been passed by the House of Representatives but continue to go untouched by the Senate because of opposition from President Obama and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV). Canseco concluded the evening's town hall taking questions from those in attendance.

"I always enjoy the opportunity to meet with the constituents of the 23rd District of Texas so that I can listen to their wisdom and take their common sense ideas back to the House of Representatives as we work on solutions to get our nation and economy turned around," concluded Congressman Canseco.

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