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Protect Medical Innovation Act

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. BENISHEK. Mr. Speaker, as a doctor, who has taken care of patients in northern Michigan for 30 years, I strongly support the Protect Medical Innovation Act. This initiative will repeal the President's $29 billion job-killing tax hike on our medical device manufacturers.

There are medical device businesses in my district that employ hundreds of people. These job providers should not be punished to pay for President Obama's health care law.

I'm a doctor, not a tax expert, but I know tax hikes on our job providers will hurt northern Michigan's economy. To me, it makes no sense to tax medical innovation. If this tax increase is enacted, there is little doubt these costs will be passed down to consumers and increase health care costs.

Mr. Speaker, I spent my entire career serving my community as a doctor. I want to see real health care solutions that put patients in control of their care, not the Federal Government.

I believe we need to listen to the American people about the need for real health care reform. I recommend we enact free-market reforms like letting people purchase health insurance across State lines, encouraging medical innovation, and allowing patients more flexibility in deciding how to spend their health care dollars.

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